Free Games For All Pre-Orders, Safety Certification & Mid-February Shipping Update

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Free Games For All Pre-Orders, Safety Certification & Mid-February Shipping Update

We're excited to announce that Countdown left our factory at the beginning of February and is currently in transit to us!

At this time, our shipping company is letting us know our shipment should arrive at Miami port shortly after March 15th. Due to current ocean freight demand (it's high) and shortages of port workers (it's low), we are unable to get a more specific delivery deadline. As the time comes closer we should know more, but as of now, we are currently expecting to ship orders to customers in the latter half of March.

If you've been following closely, yes, that's a delay. We admit it up front. We don't like it any more than you. 

However, we have some good news too!

2 Free Games for All Pre-Orders

Countdown was designed from the ground up for updatability. We knew Countdown would evolve over time with new games, modes, sounds and other features. In an update to our early Kickstarter backers, we covered the ability to update but didn't have any firm examples of what kind of updates would be available. Well, due to the delays, we've had time to work on some of those first updates and are excited to announce that all pre-orders of Countdown will include 2 free games for a total of 12 games! Once your Countdown arrives, you'll be able to use our update app (available for PC and Mac) to easily add the following games for free:

Animal Sounds - A (pretty-hilarious) matching game of animal sounds to pictures. When we started this, we weren't sure how well it would work. Once Countdown started roaring like a lion and blared an elephant horn and we saw some our early testers laugh, we knew it was a winner. Match each animal as fast as possible to stop the timer and win!

Red Light, Green Light - Move as told or get a penalty! When the lights are green, hop, skip, jump or run in place, but no matter what, move! When the lights turn red, immediately STOP! If you're caught doing the wrong thing, the timer will speed up.

Both of the above games will be available in Hide & Seek, Hot Potato, Table Co-Op and Single Player modes. They are great additions and sure to add some movement and laughs to your next game session.

ASTM Safety Certification

We're excited to announce that Countdown has passed it's ASTM certification. ASTM is a safety & product testing consortium that verifies a product adheres to international and local standards. Countdown passed all required tests for chemical composition (no lead, etc), safety (no sharp parts, doesn't shatter if dropped repeatedly) and other kid-specific tests. While this isn't super exciting information on the outside looking in, it's a critical stepping stone for our launch. 

We're Knocking Down The Dominoes

Progression from idea to launch of any product is like a long set of dominos. We're very happy with the continuous progress we're making and thank you so much for your support for us. We truly apologize for the delays but hope the inclusion of additional games helps soften the blow. 

Of course, if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at (941) 404-6202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.