Introduction to Electronics Livestream: March 31st, 1pm EST

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Introduction to Electronics Livestream: March 31st, 1pm EST

As we hunker down for another week at home to work and our kids are out of school we thought it be great to share some of what we do here at our home office!

Toys are increasingly electronic based and that's where we have a lot of experience. Join us next Tuesday March 31st at 1:00pm EST for an Introduction to Electronics! Want to understand how your favorite toy works? We'll be Facebook live streaming an entry level class, perfect for ages 6+, including build-it yourself and do at home projects. No prior experience knowledge necessary. If you're the type that can't figure out the proper direction for a battery or your kids have an interest in understanding how technology powers everything around us, this is a great starting point.

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To demo electronics and help you build some simple gizmos at home, we'll be using the Arduino development kit. If you want to follow along at home, we'd recommend either of the sets below. The 'Super Starter Kit' (~$40) has all you need to get started and what we'd be using for at least the first few classes. The Complete set (~$55) has some additional features, like light sensors and motors which we will get to eventually. If you think you're really going to get into electronics, we'd recommend the Complete. If not sure, get the Basic or just wait till the class!