Our Outdoor Toy Awards Entry is in the Mail

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Our Outdoor Toy Awards Entry is in the Mail

Since the beginning, we've always had a goal of launching Countdown in late 2019. With every startup, there are times of rapid progress and slower slogs through some difficult development decisions. All work is done with your eye on the end goal of getting a final product out the door, which can always seem far in the future.

But not this past month. In May, we had a firm milestone we knew we had to hit: The Outdoor Toy Awards

For us, this is a huge event. It's our chance to show off fully working hide and seek toy prototype units to a large group of kids. While we've done a huge amount of play testing, one of our team has been within arms reach or a quick phone call away in case of problems, confusion or general guidance. With the Outdoor Toy Awards, the nearest team member will be 2000 miles and 5 time zones away. We had to hunker down, refine our experience and really make sure that Countdown is as intuitive as we've always envisioned. It's been a long, but very rewarding month and we're excited that we've exceeded all the goals we had set for this submission.

Yesterday, May 30th, two prototype units went in the mail. It was a strange moment for us as the culmination of 6 months of work were packed into a small box. There was immense pride along with a touch of sadness knowing we may never see these units again. While we have more units being assembled at this moment to send out to more testers, those two units represent us, Pressure Games, and we're so excited for more testers to receive theirs in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

Alex, Liz, Nilesh and Lil' Sebastian
Pressure Games