Playtime Has Arrived. The Countdown Game is Here and It Is Awesome!

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Playtime Has Arrived. The Countdown Game is Here and It Is Awesome!

I'm extremely excited to let everyone know that the first manufacturing shipment of The Countdown Game has arrived! We've been doing tests and checking out a sampling of games and everything is perfect. At the end of last week we began shipping out some of the backer pledges. This upcoming week, we expect our shipping rate to pick up and should have everything in the mail by the end of the week!

Our Thoughts On The Final Game

We couldn't be more pleased with how the The Countdown Game turned out. The look, the feel, the packaging, the polish is all as good or better than we planned. After 2 years of development, our team let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that the hide and seek game we originally planned was finally complete.

As you get your game in the mail, we really want your feedback. The great thing about The Countdown Game is that it's fully updatable, which means if there's something you feel can be improved, whether is a new game idea, a new way to play, or a certain sound that you think could.. sound.. better, let us know.

There is a development roadmap for new features already planned. But if there's anything we've learned from letting people play in early testing, it's that the best ideas come from our players!

The Countdown Game Launch

With the games received, we're prioritizing sending out products to customers that pre-ordered. We expect to have shipped all pre-order games this week. A formal launch will be very, very soon.

Once launched, and forever more, we expect that all orders will ship within 1 business day! The Countdown Game will also be available through Amazon and other online retailers at launch time as well.

Thank you!