Partnership with University of Florida For B Corp Certification

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Partnership with University of Florida For B Corp Certification

Pressure Games is very excited to announce that we are one of 13 companies selected by University of Florida's Impact & Sustainability Initiative to guide us in achieving B Corp certification. This is the second year University of Florida has partnered with Florida for Good to help local companies develop the working principals by which their company will operate in a responsible manner. We will be working with graduate students from the program to create employee manuals, guidelines for community involvement and a reporting structure under which we will eventually be able to apply for B Corp certification.

This program is designed to connect students to aspiring B Corporation businesses across Florida. The Business For Good Lab offers students an opportunity to engage in experiential learning projects to deepen their knowledge of social impact & sustainability and to support companies in achieving the necessary preparation to begin the certification process.

This past Tuesday, we had our introductory meeting with the class that will be helping to make this happen. It was incredible to outline who we are and how we plan to be involved in our community and the environment and meet a group of enthusiastic students who want to help us succeed. 

B Corps and the Three P's

A B-Corp focuses on the 3 P's: Planet, People and Profit. Each of those is equally important to a B-Corp:

  • Planet - We will take environmentally sound actions when feasible to help the planet. In short, if we can use a cardboard box instead of a hard plastic case, we will. If we can use a biodegradable plastic over something non-recyclable, we will. It won't be possible to make 100% environmentally friendly, fully recyclable toys, but we'll do our best to make them as friendly as possible.
  • People - We'll treat our employees, vendors and retailers with respect and equals
  • Profit - Without making money, neither of the above are possible. Ideally, through the above, we'll increase our profits through better products and greater customer loyalty.

A standard company focuses on profits and shareholders alone. While a non B-Corp may make environmentally wise decisions, it's not required to be a part of their business decision making process. A B-Corp has made a commitment to always consider all 3 P's in every decision made.

What Are Some B Corps You May Have Heard of Before?

Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, TOMS, Cabot, Stonyfield Organic just to name a few. There are over 3,270 companies that are active b corps across 150 industries in over 70 countries. 

We've Been On This Path Since The Beginning

Pressure Games believes that these are good business practices. Period. In addition, as a company, we are inspired to make a positive impact on the lives of children and we want that view to expand beyond just our products and be visible throughout our entire company. We believe that decisions we make today in business affect the community socially, environmentally, and sustainably tomorrow. We want to make a positive impact by using business for good for a better world tomorrow for our children.

March is B Corp Month! Check out some B Corps near you and learn more about this movement for change and we cannot wait to share our certification progress!