Tech Tuesday Success: Circuits and Programming Basics

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Tech Tuesday Success: Circuits and Programming Basics

Our first Tech Tuesday Facebook Livestream covering Circuits and Programming Basics was a success! This first class was a great primer for how to put together your own electronics and see how easy it is to do some basic programming to turn on and off a light. To get to that point, we covered how batteries work, how electricity flows, how to build and think about a circuit and a general discussion of the hardware will be using during these sessions.

This was our first livestream, and there's definitely some kinks to work out, both technical and with structure and flow. We'd love your feedback though on how to improve and what topics you'd like us to cover more.

With this basics down, we'll be working on our 'Happy Robot', shown in the video, next week. The Happy Robot loves people and as you get closer, it will show you a heart on the screen. When you go away, it gets sad and shows a sad face. It's a real simple design but also really exciting to show how different sensors, lights and features can all work together with a little bit of programming.

We hope you'll join us then, Tuesday, April 6th, 2020 at 1pm EST. You can follow our Facebook Page for updates and more details.