Together We Stand Apart - Support Charities and Social Distancing

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Together We Stand Apart - Support Charities and Social Distancing

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created many hardships for families over the last few weeks. At Pressure Games, we wanted a way to help bring awareness to the importance of social distancing while supporting local charities, and acknowledge our first responders. So we created the “Together We Stand Apart” initiative.

We have made “Together We Stand Apart” silicone bracelets that can be purchased for $2.50 with free shipping. It's a great way to show your support for social distancing while in public and to quickly recognize others that feel strongly about protecting others as well. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to charities supporting families and children suffering from the health and economic effects of the pandemic - current charity partners include: The Boys and Girls Club, The Harry Chapin Food Bank, and The United Way.

For every 10 bracelets we sell we will donate 1 to a first responder, it's a way for these critical personnel to show their support for social distancing and how important it is for them as they put their health and safety on the line everyday. Our initial goal is to give $10k. Please support this cause, visit the site and order a bracelet today!

Together We Stand Apart is part of our community-focused ethos of finding ways to give back locally and nationally. We were incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that a focus on people and community are just as important as profits. We truly hope you'll join us in the mission of encouraging social distancing and supporting some critical charities by letting others know where you stand.