After almost two years of development, Pressure Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their award-winning toy, Countdown. By re-imagining the classic game of hide-and-seek, Countdown combines retro inspired mini-games with 4 modes of play to create a whole new way for the entire family to have fun together. Set a timer, hide Countdown and let your friends go on the hunt. Once found, Countdown pushes players to their limits with 12 different retro-inspired mini-games that must be conquered to stop the clock.

Countdown also includes multiple other modes, like Hot Potato and Table Co-op, along with adjustable difficulty levels allowing for broad age ranges of kids and adults to play together. It also incorporates an innovative update system to provide new features, play modes and games over time.

"This Kickstarter is the culmination of thousands of hours of play testing, development and refinement. It's been an amazing experience working on Countdown and our whole team can't wait to get it into family's hands this holiday season," said Liz Hughes, Chief Brand Officer at Pressure Games.

The Kickstarter Campaign is available below:

Multiple pledge levels are available, ranging from Countdown toys to promotion opportunities to have your name or company listed in the credits section of each toy manufactured. A 'Toys for Tots' donation tier of $1 will be used to deliver Countdown units to holiday-focused charities to provide for families unable to buy gifts for their children.

Notable achievements for Countdown & Pressure Games include:

  • In January 2020, Countdown was nominated for 'Best Startup Product' at the Consumer Electronics Show - Kids at Play Interactive Toy Awards, held in Las Vegas.
  • In January 2020, Pressure Games was selected as a top 10 hardware startup company to pitch in front of an audience at TechCrunch's Pitch Night at CES
  • In June, 2018, Countdown won for 'Best Outdoor Toy' at the Outdoor Toy Awards in London.
  • Pressure Games has been collaborating with local Boys & Girls Clubs and schools to test and iterate Countdown.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from July 28th through August 28th. All backers will receive their toy in November this year, well in time for the holiday season.

About Pressure Games

Founded in late 2018, Pressure Games was created with a belief that active, social and imaginative play is instrumental to childhood development. Pressure Games aims to create toys that merge technology with traditional play themes.