Opportunity to Invest in a Toy Company With a Social Cause

Pressure Games is developing toys that use light technology for social, active, and creative play for kids and families to have more fun together. Built for diverse play, their upcoming toy line is made for use on the playground, around the kitchen table, and on the go. Pressure Games launched a Wefunder crowd equity campaign on November 12th to raise the capital to bring their first toy to market in 2020.

Their first award winning toy, Countdown, is all about beating the clock by solving retro inspired electronic puzzles. The small hand held device comes with a few ways to play, so grab some friends and run outside for a game of hide & seek or pull up a chair and work together in table co-op to stop the timer. This electronic toy brings bright lights, loud sounds, and action for a whole lot of fun.

Right out of the box Countdown has over 12 different retro inspired reflex, logic and movement puzzles to keep kids and families challenged with more ways to play for everyone. Countdown is designed for a retro feel but uses with the latest technology. Players can go to the Countdown app to download the latest games and updates for constantly evolving puzzle play.

The World Economic Forum recently listed problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity as the top three skills that children need for success. While according to the CDC nearly 1 in 5 school age children and young people (6 to 19 years) in the United States suffer from obesity. Countdown is kids and families actively gaming - around the table and around the backyard for the ultimate family game night.

Pressure Games is a public benefit corporation with the social mission of promoting healthy play for all kids. Now at their one year anniversary Pressure Games has partnered with the local Boy & Girls Clubs for Countdown play sessions. “After months of developing this product to watch a group of 15 kids running around, playing together and begging ‘can we play again?’ is so amazing to see.” Say Elizabeth Hughes, the company’s co-founder and chief product officer. 

By launching a crowd-equity campaign, anyone can invest in this innovative startup. Crowd-equity was legalized by Congress in 2016 and provides a way for everyday Americans to support growing companies by investing as little as $100. Before 2016, startups could only obtain funding from the ultra-wealthy. Pressure Games is excited to offer this opportunity to those that believe in the benefits of social, active development for kids.

About Pressure Games

Founded in late 2018, Pressure Games was created with a belief that active, social and imaginative play is instrumental to childhood development. Pressure Games aims to create toys that merge technology with traditional play themes. To learn more visit their site at https://pressuregames.com/ and see their crowdequity campaign at https://wefunder.com/pressuregames.