The Countdown Game

Indoor / Outdoor Active Play Toy

The Countdown Game

The Countdown Game

The Countdown Game

Get your children moving with the new hide & seek game! The patent-pending game that entertains for hours and fosters creative, imaginitive, and positive social interactions.

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The Hide and Seek Game That Entertains for Hours

The Hide and Seek Game That Entertains for Hours

Introducing Countdown

The new way to play the game of hide & seek.
Hide it. Find it. Beat the mini-games to stop the clock and win!

  • Gets kids up and moving
  • Great for social play - Builds communication and social skills
  • Indoor & outdoor play
  • An excellent family game
  • Encourages creativity - Small toy that can be hidden anywhere
  • Broad age range - Difficulty adjusts from non-readers to avid gamers

Together Time

Kids love to play together. Sometimes, it just requires something in common like a great game of hide and seek, hot potato or table co-op to bring them together and bring out the smiles.

Family Gaming At Its Finest

Parent and child play is a critical component of childhood. But let's face it, not all children's toys are a blast to play for mom and dad. With Countdown, you'll feel the excitement too as you bond over a game of hide and seek...

... and you'll never have to hide behind a door again!

Countdown in 20 Seconds

Countdown in 20 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

A common game for babies is 'peek a boo'. As children grow to be toddlers, hide and seek is a natural progression as the excitement of searching and reward of figuring out a parent or other child's location is rewarding. Generally, hide and seek is played by children ages 3-7 years old.

Every child and environment is different, so the age where hide and seek loses its entertainment value varies. Once the number of hiding spots is exhausted or the 'best' ones are well-known, the searching aspect loses some of it's excitement.

That's why a toy like Countdown can extend the age that kids play hide and seek. Its small size opens up the number of hiding spots and its challenges to complete when found makes each game more exciting for older children.

Traditionally, hide and seek is not a timed game and is played for as long as it takes to find all the players that are hiding. This generally works, but can lead to long games and a slower pace as there's no urgency involved in searching.
The Countdown Game adds excitement to hide and seek by having a configurable timer to add a bit of pressure to seeking. When combined with the lights and sound clues that Countdown gives off, it makes for faster paced gameplay and increases replayability.