Special Offer

In anticipation of shipping Countdown, we're offering some big discounts on a yearly subscription and for individual add-ons.

All add-ons and subscriptions are transferable, making them perfect for gifting!


Simone is a modern take on the 4-button memory game from the 80's. Play in either 3, 4 or 5 button modes with integrated high-score keeping!  It's a great way to introduce your little ones to the retro games you grew up with.

Turn Countdown into a Robot with our first sound-pack! Replace the intro, win, lose and other sounds with your new robot companion.

How many animal sounds do you know? Are you sure? With animal sounds, you'll hear an animal and have to pick which it is out of 4 options. At lower levels, it's your run of the mill options: dog, cat, cow. At higher levels, you'll be surprised by zebras, camels and other not-so-common sounds from common animals.

You'll have a hoot (yup, owl is one) picking through the over 15 included included animals while racing against the clock. 

The playground game in digital form! The next time you're racing against the clock, you'll really need to race! When Countdown turns green, you need to move. Run in place, jump up and down, spin in circles. Whatever it takes, just move.. until Countdown turns red. Then, you must stop, wherever you are and not move.

Make a mistake and the countdown will speed up.